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Easy DOCViewer 2.0 - FAQ and Download Page
"...a well-written freeware Palm document viewer."

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1. What is Easy DOCViewer?
Easy DOCViewer is a Windows 98/NT/XP application that lets you view PalmPilot DOC files on your desktop (not your PalmPilot) quickly and easily. PalmPilot DOC (This PalmPilot DOC format should not be confused with the Microsoft Word DOC format.) files are the standard PalmPilot text document format, and many different types of reading materials are available in the DOC format such as literature and reference materials, for a library of DOC files, click on 'Other Links' above. I wrote this program because many people send DOC files to me to post on PilotYid, and I needed an easy way to review them on my PC before posting them up.
2. How does Easy DOCViewer work?
There are 3 ways to open a DOC file with this program:
1. Open the Easy DOCViewer Program and use "Open DOC File" from the File Menu
2. Drag a DOC file onto the Easy DOCViewer program Icon or onto a shortcut to the program.
Or, the quickest and easiest way...
3. Create an "Open with Easy DOCViewer" option when you right click on a PalmPilot DOC file, so that when you right click on any PalmPilot DOC file you'll have the option to open it with Easy DOCViewer. This allows Easy DOCViewer to work like a Windows 'Quick View' for DOC Files.
Detailed instructions are included in the ReadMe file that comes with Easy DOCViewer.
3. What other features does Easy DOCViewer have?
Easy DOCViewer allows you to copy and paste from a DOC file, search a DOC file for any word or phrase, and display the DOC in any font or size. In addition, Easy DOCViewer 2.0 added the ability to reverse the text so that you can read Hebrew DOC files assuming you have a Hebrew font installed on your PC.
4. What do others have to say about Easy DOCViewer?
I received the following email from the Taiwan PalmPilot Users Group:

Dear Sir,
I am writing the email for asking your authorization of Easy DOCViewer 1.5 to be collected in CD-ROM. 3Com PalmPilot and IBM WorkPad will be introduced officially to the customer in Taiwan next month. The franchiser in Taiwan wishes to offer the customer not only PalmPilot/WorkPad but also a free CD-ROM with the best shareware and freeware. Since we are Taiwan PalmPilot Usergroup (TWPUG), the franchiser asks us to recommend the best Palm shareware/freeware in different fields. Easy DOCViewer 1.5 is a very good and useful software, and I wish you could give us this opportunity to introduce your software to the customer in Taiwan. Thank you very much.
Easy DOCViewer was also featured on!
5. Why is Foghorn Leghorn the icon for Easy DOCViewer?
I say, I say, I say, there really is no reason. And yes, that is the name of the big Looney Toons chicken.
6. How much does Easy DOCViewer cost?
Nothing, Easy DOCViewer is freeware, so please feel free to distribute it to anyone who might have a use for it.
7. Where can I download Easy DOCViewer?
Right here, click on the 'Download' link below. The file size is approximately 1.7 megabytes:
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