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Kosher Restaurant List Creator (Kosher Food)

Welcome to PilotYid's Kosher Restaurant List Creator (used to be called ShamashToDOC Converter). From this page you can get a DOC file containing a list of kosher restaurants for any of the areas in the list below.
Instructions: After choosing the area you would like from the list below and pressing the 'Download' button, this page will do a search in Shamash's Kosher Restaurant Database and then convert the results to a DOC file that can be read on your PalmOS device, including bookmarks for each restaurant. You will then be taken to a page where you can download the DOC file to your computer so you can save it and install it to your PalmOS device.

Keep in mind that to read a DOC file on your Palm, you will need DOC Reader software installed on it, see my FAQ Page for more information on this. For a map of kosher restaurants for your city, see my Kosher Restaurant Maps.

Thank You: A very big thank you to the people at who have volunteered to maintain and update their Kosher Restaurant Database, as well as allow PilotYid to use their database for this page. Thanks!

Known Issues: There are some browsers that have trouble downloading the file correctly. With some versions of the Netscape/Mozilla browser the file that is downloaded has a .php extension instead of the .pdb extension that it should have. If this happens, just save it as a .pdb file when saving and everything should be OK. Also, some versions of Internet Explorer 5.5 download the following page (kosher-2.php) page instead of the correct DOC file. If this happens, try clicking on 'Open File' instead of 'Save File' when asked and it should then download the correct file. Or just upgrade your browser to a newer (or older) version than 5.5.

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