Welcome to the Minyan Minder
The Minyan Minder was developed to help organize minyanim in the workplace. Many companies and offices have a daily minyan for mincha in an office or conference room. It is usually someone's job, i.e. the minyan's 'moderator', to maintain this minyan by reminding people to attend, making sure the room is available, and keeping track of how many people are attending to ensure that there is a minyan (at least 10 attendees) that day. My goal with this Minyan Minder is to make the moderators' lives easier by giving the minyan's attendees a central place to let everyone else know whether or not they are attending the minyan that day, and to allow the moderator to easily let the attendees know about changes to the location or time. It should also make the attendees' lives easier by reducing the number of e-mails sent and phone calls made each day as everyone can now see whether or not there is a minyan that day. If you know of anyone that would find this useful, please let them know. Thanks.

Although the Minyan Minder was created with the workplace in mind, there is no reason that it can't be used for any minyan, anywhere. Each minyan's page is only accessible by attendees of that minyan since you need an 'Invite Code' to access the page, which the moderator can use to invite people to the minyan. If you are interested in having your minyan managed by the Minyan Minder, simply send an email to me at Ari@PilotYid.com with the following information, and I will add it to the list below: name of minyan (to be displayed in the list below), location (address, floor, room, etc.), time, moderator/contact name, moderator/contact email, moderator/contact phone number, city, zip code, very short description, and any other information that you want to display to your attendees.
Instructions: Each minyan in the list below has their own webpage that details the minyan's time, place, contact, and how many people are attending that day, as well as any other information that might be important to an attendee. Simply click on the minyan name that you want to respond to, and enter the 'Invite Code' that you were given to enter that minyan's page.
Minyan NameCityZipToday

This page was created by Ari of PilotYid.com. Please send feedback, comments, or suggestions regarding the Minyan Minder to Ari@PilotYid.com.
Please do not contact me regarding the details of any minyan above. Rather, contact the 'Minyan Contact' for the minyan. You can see the contact information after entering that minyan's page. Thank You.