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Welcome to PilotYid, the only place on the Web for the Jewish PalmOS user.

Why is this site different from all other sites?
PilotYid contains a collection of software for any PDA that runs on the PalmOS Computing Platform®, such as the ones from PalmOne (Tungsten, Zire, LifeDrive), Handspring (Visor, Treo), Sony (Clie), Handera (TRGpro, 330), IBM (Workpad), AlphaSmart (Dana), Symbol (SPT 1800), Garmin (iQue), Samsung (SPH i300, i500), TapWave (Zodiac) and Kyocera (QCP 7135). I began PilotYid in 1998, and since then it has been written about in many leading publications and news sources, such as the New York Times, and has been featured on CNN as well. What makes PilotYid's Software Collection different from all of the other PalmOS software archives on the Web is that PilotYid's Software Collection only contains software and texts that are useful to the Jewish or Hebrew speaking Palm user. See the Software Collection page to see what software is available, and see the Discounts Page, for some great discounts on popular Jewish software.
How can I be notified when new Jewish Palm software is available or get in touch with other Jewish Palm users?
PilotYid also maintains two email lists, the PilotYid Announcement List and the PilotYid Discussion List. The Announcement List will keep you updated when there is new software available at PilotYid, and the Discussion List will allow you to be in contact with other Jewish Palm users from around the world. For more info about these lists, or to join them, please see the Mailing Lists page or the Help/FAQ page.
How can I help PilotYid?
Beside scouring the Web for Jewish PalmOS software on my own, I am relying on you for software submissions that you think might be useful to other Jewish PalmOS users. Please e-mail any submissions to me at Also, please see the Support PilotYid page for information on how you can help support this site in other ways to ensure that I can continue maintaining and improving this site, as well as how you can get your name listed on the Supporters of PilotYid page.
How do I view/use/install the files listed in the PilotYid Software Collection?
For more information and help on downloading, installing, and using the files listed on this site please see the PilotYid Help/FAQ page.
How do I create my own files that can be viewed on a PalmOS device?
This site can't possibly grow without the help of the global Jewish PalmOS community. If you would like to learn how to write texts that can be viewed on a PalmOS device, such as local Kosher restaurant listings, local synagogue lists, or any other text that might be useful to a Jewish PalmOS user please see the PilotYid Help/FAQ page. Your submission would be added to PilotYid's Software Collection for other users to download, and would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and please spread the word,
Aaron (Ari) Engel
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