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Jewish/Hebrew Software Discounts from has partnered with a few software companies to offer you quality Jewish/Hebrew Palm software at a discount, including what many people have been waiting for, two different types of Hebrew Support for PalmOS 5 (Tungsten, Zire, etc.), as well as other good software. Please take a look at the software offered below and if any of it interests you, you can buy it at a discount from the author when using the special 'PilotYid Discount Code' that I mention below. These discounts are only temporary so take advantage of them before they are gone, and please send this page to anyone else that you think would be interested in these discounts. If you have any questions, please let me know at

Please Note: In addition to getting a discount for yourself on the software when you use the special discount codes below, you will also be helping support the work I do for PilotYid since I get a small commission for each sale that is made when using the discount codes below. So, please send me an email at if you purchase any of the software below so that I can keep track of how many sales I have caused. Likewise, if you know of anyone else who might be interested in this software, please let them know about these discount codes. Thank you very much.

Instructions: To get the discount for the software below, simply enter the 'PilotYid Discount Code' when you are buying the software from the web page that is selling the software. For each piece of software below I will list where you can get more information about the software as well as where to buy it from, and how to use the 'PilotYid Discount Code'.
If you are having trouble determining which software is right for you, please take a look at the Hebrew Support Frequently Asked Questions page, and if that doesn't answer your questions, please send me an email.
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